Tips For Selling Your Home In Phoenix

Dated: 05/03/2018

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Phoenix is truly an alluring place to buy or sell a home. From downtown city-homes and Midtown cottages to suburban bungalows or Tudors, Phoenix is blessed with sizzling living communities. Selling a home in Phoenix (or anywhere else, for that matter), however, isn’t a stroll in the park. 

Check out our top tricks of the business below to help you make a fast sale and get top dollar.

Set the Price Just Right

Getting the price just right is crucial when selling your home especially in slow markets in Phoenix. That’s why it important that you do a market analysis before you set the price. Find out what similar homes in your neighborhood are going for. Once you know the market value, shave off about 15%-20%. That might sound ridiculous, but you will be bombarded with offers, and the price will naturally appreciate towards your target amount. This strategy takes guts, but it’s a true-and-trick in today’s Phoenix homes market.

Hire the Right Agent or Broker

Hiring the wrong agent is a surefire death to your home-selling ambition. Bring on board someone who knows the nitty-gritty of Phoenix market. Stick with an agent who knows the comps and what homes are moving fast in your neighborhood. An excellent broker is not only tech-savvy but also knows the market like the back of her hand.

Don’t Do Too Many Upgrades

Small upgrades prior to a sale are poised to pay off. But significant fixes and overhauls will not. Give the interior walls a fresh paint, clean curtains, and replace cabinetry hardware. Read about tips to help your home sell that don't cost a lot. These kinds of inexpensive changes can add thousands to your bottom line.

De-Personalize Your Home

Before any showings, you need to put away all the stuff that makes the house appear too personal. Your goal is to make the house move-in ready. Consider getting rid of memorabilia collection, family photos, and all your keepsakes. You can also bring in a home-stager to do a bang-up job on de-personalizing all the rooms for a small fee.

Relocate Your Pets during Showings

Remember not all potential buyers are pet lovers; some of them might consider a dog or cat a big turn off. Let a trustworthy friend or relative house them for a few days, or at least when the showings are over.

Unclutter Your Home – Make it Presentable

Ensure that the rooms are in their best state; clear all the dishes from the sink, unclutter the bathrooms, and stay on top of the vacuuming. The potential buyers should get the impression that your home is not only elegant but also functional.

There you are – top tips for selling your home in Phoenix. You should also think about selling your home to a local investor; text or call me if you want a cash offer today. (480) 442-3501.

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