The Next Five To Fifteen Years Will Change Everything

Dated: 12/06/2016

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I have been fascinated of late by the topic of driverless cars. Like most of us I had heard about them but thought them to be a "future" thing so I don't have to be concerned yet. Well I was wrong. I live in a test area for the Google self-driving car and I see them every day now. I have read many articles and watched many videos on the topic and am convinced that this life-altering technology is here already and will have a major impact on us all very soon.

Imagine being able to order a driverless car on your cell phone (yes Uber is already planning on buying a huge fleet) and the car shows up in 5 minutes. You get in, open your laptop and head to work while you answer email, send texts, make calls, put on your makeup, eat breakfast etc.)  The car drops you off and heads out to pick up another passenger. And all this commuting costs less than owning a second car which sits in your garage or parked at work 90% of it's life. Many millenials are already taking Uber to work and back because it's less expensive than owning. We could also live farther away from our work place because we can get things done while commuting. Google, Ford and Tesla appear to be leading the way.

Autonomous vehicles are expected to be available commercially within the next three years, and by 2030, driverless cars could make up as much as 60 percent of U.S. auto sales, according to estimates from Goldman Sachs.  This could effect everything from auto sales/repairs to insurance rates, taxes, land use, housing costs, architecture and where people live just to name a few. Eventually the cost of insurance to drive your own car could be prohibitive since over 80% of accidents are caused by drivers. 

How will this impact the look of homes and communities? Homebuilders are already designing homes without garages.

For example, KB Home and KTGY Architecture unveiled the KB Home ProjeKt this year at the Greenbuild Conference, which featured a home without a garage. Who will be the early adopters? Most likely Millenials.

Studies show that roughly a third of urban real estate is devoted to parking garages, and that there are eight parking spaces for every car operating in the U.S.  This space could be re-purposed to enhance the look, livability and value of our communities. Pollution by autos could be greatly reduced as our use of autos becomes more efficient.

Me? I like the idea.

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