How To Get 20 Years Out Of A Hot Water Heater Chandler AZ

Dated: 08/15/2017

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How to get 20 years out of a Hot Water Heater

I have a rental where the Hot Water Heater (HWH) went out. It was original from 1998 when the home was brand new. This particular one was an A.O. Smith. I am not pushing one brand over the other, simply stating the fact. We got the house in 2005 and immediately changed the ZINC ROD. Why? Because it was 7 years old. Every 7 to 10 years you want to do this to lengthen the life of your HWH.

We did it again in 2012 and replaced the HWH all together in 8/2017. Basically, today. The zinc rod is called a sacrificial anode. What it does is tricks the water into attacking it, instead of the metal tank itself. This rod is like 4 feet long and can be easily changed by your plumber for $100 - $125. Once the water has eaten up the entire zinc rod, it turns its attention to the metal of the tank.

Sometimes, you can actually see rust spots where the water is eating the tank from the inside out. I know this stuff because I have dealt with many rentals over the years, owned many HWH and am a Home Inspector. From time to time, I like to give a little tip or trick to save you money, time and aggravation. See attached video if you like. If you like these tips and tricks, please send me your email and I will put you on my newsletter. Until then Au Revoir.


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