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Dated: 06/27/2016

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The three main things that affect home worth are location, the details of the home and the worth of the houses around it.

Formal Appraisals

Formal appraisals are often prepared by licensed appraisers who are professionals and have spent a lot of years in getting qualified to do that besides  several years of cherished experience in the industry. While attempting to write a loan for a given property, most lenders would hire an appraiser.

In such cases, though the buyer might be asked to pay for the services, the objective of the appraisal is to protect the interests of the mortgage investor. If the appraisal value is considerably below the selling price, then the lender would urge the buyer to bargain over the difference.

Even if the buyer would be ready to pay the top price for the property, the lender would rarely be prepared to lend more than what is approved by the appraiser. In case the property is dissolved through a court intervention, appraisals are necessary which also play a role in the divorce settlement.

The appraisers physically visit the property with measuring tapes and do the survey thoroughly. They prepare an elaborate report and charge a few hundred dollars for the valuation. The appraisal prices could run up in the case of commercial properties or agricultural lands.

CMA Report

As against formal appraisals, a comparative market analysis report is prepared by a real estate agent exclusively for the sake of homeowners. I am prepared to give out the CMA reports to any homeowners free of cost. The CMA figures help decide the asking price of the property to be put on the sale. 

I, in fact, make use of the same data used by the appraisers. Also, the appraisers  depend on the agents to find out the recent market information as agents have more access to such tricky information than the appraisers regarding their association with some pending sales locally. 

The two most important advantages of CMA are that they are available for free as well as they are more reliable purely from the point of view of the seller besides the fact that I  am prepared by having a day to day intimate association with the properties selling  locally. 

Often more than the physical features of the properties, several subjective aspects impact the selling price including how a livign room feels, the dimension of the closets, the view from different angles and so on. In two storey buildings, the position of different rooms might decide on the appeal.

When appraisers might not have an eye or consideration for such things, I do take them into account. Contact me at and I can come give you a CMA. 


BPO also known as the Broker Price Opinion is another type of valuation produced by a real estate agent in response to a request from the bankers. Since it is less elaborate then the formal appraisal, it costs less.

At times when the real estate sales were at their peak, and the banks found it difficult to handle an overwhelming number of transactions, they found BPO more reliable than formal appraisals. Since the success of a sale would depend on the BPO, which would be appealing to the lender or bank, you need to cooperate with the agent preparing it.

Often the homeowners might owe more than what they get in the sale of their homes. Under such circumstances, a safe playing of the game would mean going by the most probable outcome of the sale which can be best decided by the right valuation report.

Therefore, it is crucially important to get the right evaluation done by a reliable agent who will also stand by your side during the sale process.

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