All Realtors ® Are Not The Same And All People Are Not The Same

Dated: 09/29/2016

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Just today I read a post to a national on-line real estate magazine. It really addresses a big issue. Here is the post:

If you were buying a used car and the salesperson suggested you use their mechanic to look over the car, you would be suspicious. However, realtors will often recommend a home inspector. Most don't realize this is a conflict of interest. Realtors make money when homes sale, homes sale when buyers are happy with the condition of the home. This leads to realtors recommending the inspectors that don't do a good job. The quick inspectors don't find as many problems and will often work hand in hand with a realtor so they both make money. If you are buying a home, don't go with the realtors recommended inspector. Call around and interview the local inspectors. Don't just ask about price, ask what's included, how long their inspections take and what they will do if they make a mistake. You spent effort looking for the best home, spend time looking for the best inspector. 

And my reply (among many others who replied):
.... I can understand your mistrust of Realtors. I have seen a few who were definitely looking out for their own interests. I also know that people of all professions operate by their own moral code even though all Realtors are professionally and legally bound to our Realtor Code of Ethics. Get to know your Realtor just like you would your lawyer or doctor. We aren't all the same. In the end we are all just people. I am proud of the service I provide to my clients and hold myself to the highest moral and ethical standards. I hope one day you can look at Realtors as people first.

By the way, I just last week had an amazing experience at a car dealer in Chandler, AZ. Both the salesman and manager were polite and professional and did not use any kind of hard sell tactics. I decided not to buy the car yet and they both thanked me for coming in and asked me to consider them for my next purchase. I will. I did a little research and found they are very highly recommended and rated  and yes, they service what they sell. All car dealers, just like Realtors, are not the same.

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