4 Benefits of Moving to the Suburbs

Dated: January 28 2022

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Aerial view of Arizona suburbs under the setting sun

Living in a big city has its advantages, but there is something truly special about suburban life. Many Americans are trading in their small city apartments for spacious suburban houses, especially during a global pandemic, where more space from others is encouraged. Even though the suburbs are often geared for family life, you can still benefit whether you have children or not.

Here are four practical benefits you will encounter when moving to the suburbs. 

1) Ample Indoor and Outdoor Space

One of the top reasons people move to the suburbs is to have more space. As you get closer and closer to the city, living space becomes smaller and smaller. However, in the suburbs, buildings and other properties are more spread out because there is more land. This gives you the upper hand in finding a spacious home you can comfortably live in.

Having a yard with outdoor space is extremely valuable, especially if you have kids. From backyard barbecues to personal swing sets and playground equipment, your family’s quality of life could dramatically improve with easy access to a private outdoor space.

2) Better Schools

Many suburbs have top-rated public and private schools. Suburban schools typically have less crowded classrooms and more teachers. In addition, it’s easier for kids to be social in a suburban environment. Suburban children typically attend school with neighboring kids, making play dates and after-school activities easy to arrange. Living near other families with kids also helps parents make friends more easily.

3) Lower Crime Rates

Safety is a top priority for many homeowners. Since suburbs have an overall lower population than cities, you will find that living in a suburb is a safer option. According to the Federal Bureau of Education, major cities have a property crime rate two times higher and a violent crime rate two and a half times higher than nearby suburbs.

4) Cheaper Living Expenses

Besides housing costs, which tend to be less expensive in the suburbs, you should consider how other living expenses may factor into your decision to move. If you relocate, you won’t have to spend extra money on things like public transportation. Food, shopping, and entertainment expenses are usually cheaper when you’re not in the city as well.   

If you are looking to invest in a larger home with access to private outdoor space, better school districts, and cheaper living expenses, you may find that the suburbs are the perfect option for you.

 It’s important to work with a qualified and professional real estate agent when searching for your new home. I have dedicated over twenty years to find the perfect homes for people in the Phoenix area, earning The Az Realty Lady title. I have vast experience selling suburban homes and plenty of informative online content for you to learn more about the neighborhoods and new real estate in the Phoenix area.

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