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Dated: December 20 2020

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Who is Kelley Norton AZ Realty Lady? I’m the daughter of a police officer and an educator, so naturally I gravitated towards a career of service. By the time I was 21 years old I was managing an apartment complex during the day, and at night I was an EMT ambulance driver. I quickly realized that I couldn't handle seeing the sick kiddos, but I still wanted to help people and I still wanted to affect as many lives as possible so I got my real estate license! 


Fast forward a couple years and I'm excited, I'm about ready to meet some clients that were referred to me and I'm driving in my Toyota Corolla manual 5 speed. I see my client super excited, I roll down the window I'm like “hey guys it's Kelley” and little did I know that that look of shock on their face would forever define my real estate career, and in the best way possible! We started chatting and they said “oh thank goodness” and I replied.. “thank goodness, are you guys all right, everything good?” and they said “yes it's just that everyone that we've talked to that's been an experienced real estate agent so far rolls up in their Mercedes and their Jaguars as soon as they find out our price point they ditch us! We're so relieved that you were referred to us so we can trust you and we know you have experience and know your stuff and you aren't going to be too good for us.” I knew right then in my real estate career I wanted to help as many buyers and sellers as possible regardless of the price point. Every single person deserves that joy of home ownership regardless if they're a first time home buyer in a starter price point or that multi-million dollar celebrity client my service never changes you can expect integrity trust and a direct approach with outside the box thinking of course dabbed with a little bit of fun. I've now been selling real estate for over 20 years here in the valley. I absolutely love what I do and I love to share about Arizona and little facts and tidbits that you might not know after all I am the AZ Realty Lady and I really look forward to meeting you and helping you with your home purchase or home sale.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Peoria Arizona, or anywhere in the valley of the sun, you need to call or text me today!


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Kelley Norton

Hi There! I am Kelley Norton a.k.a. The Az Realty Lady. I am a valley native born and raised in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. I started my real estate career over 20 years ago after working as an EMT....

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