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Dated: 12/17/2018

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How to use Zillow in Arizona Zestimate 

With Zillow recieving 13,6000,000 searches on google per month it is the go to search engine in the Real Estate industry period.  If you are reading this you are on our site www.ironwoodteam.com and we are super area focused as we have to be in todays market.  When I go to a listing appointment now I first look up the Zillow Zestimate.  If it looks high you can guarantee the seller will bring it up!  If it looks low the seller will share the items Zillow missed and why their home is worth more!  

Zillow is a great starting point and I find their accuracy depends on the rarity of the subject property.  If your home was a popular model in a subdivision you can plan on a fairly accuracte zestimate.  But if your home is remote, has an exceptional pool, views, oversized homesite, highly upgraded then the zestimate can sway wildly.

My suggestion is to use the zestimate as a starting point then go local!  Find an agent that excels in your area.  This is the best way to get an accurate and honest price.  

Remember, the highest price is not neccessairly the best price.  The number of days it takes to sell your home is just as or more important than the asking price.  

For more information feel free to reach out. If your home is not in our area of expertise we will suggest other agents! Jeff Seman 623-640-7683


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