AVOID Moving to Arizona - UNLESS You Can Handle These 7 NEGATIVES

Dated: April 26 2022

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If you're planning on making a move out to the Phoenix area you have to read this article.  Don't make the move unless you know what these seven negatives are that Phoenix has and make sure that you're okay with them before you pack your bags. 

I just want to make sure that you're aware of you know some of those negatives that maybe people don't talk about.

1 -  I'm sure you already know that some people may complain about is going to be the heat. So we do have a couple of months where it's hot and the average temperature in the summer is definitely going to be over 100 degrees. So you have to drink a lot of water you need to wear your sunscreen and if you're outside and you're hiking you want to do it early in the morning and you want to be real careful not to be out in the heat once it's you know the sun's out and it's getting above 100 degrees. There's air conditioning everywhere so even though it's hot you get in your car there's air conditioning almost every car has ac out here houses have ac. All your commercial buildings, the movie theaters, your doctor's offices so everywhere has air conditioning and it's usually pumping pretty dang cold during the summer. So you might be hot outside but as soon as you go inside you'll be comfortable in just a few minutes because there's no humidity so you can cool off right away.

So I know a lot of my buyers that have relocated here to the Phoenix area are used to having really large acreage with rolling hills they have a riding lawn mower and no fences

2 -  Negative is going to be our average lot sizes and fences on most of our yards so there are some properties that you can get acreage but your average home is going to have a block fence and your average lot size is going to be around 6,500 square feet. There are some homes that have smaller lots that are more of like a patio yard and those are going to be on you know a three or three thousand square foot lot. There's some that might be on a third acre or a quarter acre but for the most part lots are gonna be in that six to seven thousand square foot range.

3 - For all you uh daredevils and speeders out there so in arizona if you're going over 20 miles over the speed limit that is a criminal traffic ticket yes so they could arrest you on the spot if they if they wanted to so just to be aware um you know a lot of my clients will ask about that and it's something i don't even think about i just grew up knowing that but um apparently a lot of the folks in other parts of the country they like to speed so just be prepared for that if you're going over 20 miles an hour it it is a criminal speeding ticket if they decide to slap that on you hey there's more video to come but i definitely want you to subscribe to the channel if you're finding the information useful and if i can help you with your relocation to or within the phoenix and surrounding areas plus click the bell that way you'll be notified when i put up new videos okay so a number four negative we don't really have basement homes here so if you are used to having a basement whether that be for storage or for extra livable space we don't have basement homes a lot of people say well kelly why don't you have basement homes well a lot of the valley is really built on very very hard rock or hard soil so it's it's a hard dig usually to try and dig that far down so they don't typically build the basement homes it's just too expensive for them to try and build now there are a few homes that have basements whether they be custom or whether they were some of the uh subdivisions that went ahead and built the basement homes but the majority there's no basement homes in the valley all right number five negative is going to be that the majority of newer construction have homeowners associations this is always a topic of conversation with my clients relocating to phoenix so most of the new construction you will have a homeowner's association so sometimes they'll have you know a pool that they provide sometimes a gate little community parks but they also have rules that they're going to have to make all the residents follow the homeowners associations i know they can be a pain in the ass but they are there uh to help keep uniformity within the community and keep your neighbor from you know pulling the wheels off the car and having a mechanic shop in the front yard um or your other neighbor painting the house in pink polka dots and um you know just crazy things happening in your neighborhood and and just changing the aesthetics and and making the value not really hold up so they do serve a purpose but i understand they can be a pain i get it but most of the homes are gonna have a homeowners association especially if they are built in the last 20 years all right so number six so number six is going to be critters yes we have scorpions yes there are snakes now are you gonna be going to the grocery store and have this big giant scorpion chasing you and a rattlesnake right at your feet no that isn't what it's like so rattlesnakes are out in the desert and not every neighborhood is even near a desert um but the rattlesnakes are not really going to be on your property uh unless they are trying to get you know to cooler temperature a lot of times they're trying to find a cooler spot so most people in their home in their yard are never gonna see a rattlesnake the occasional time you might see one is if you're out hiking and if you stay on the trails you're usually fine so um it's it's rare to see them but you you can especially if you're an outdoor enthusiast and you're out hiking it's even more rare to get bit by them they really want nothing to do with you but if you're i have heard from the herpetological society that the majority of the rattlesnake bites are from people that are messing with them and they're poking them with sticks and stuff and they don't realize that they can actually jump um i know it's at least a couple uh times their their length in distance so just don't mess with them and if you see them you're supposed to just slowly start backing away and they rattle at you to let you know that they don't want you to come closer so don't so scorpions usually if you keep your crickets down and you keep your your food source for scorpions you're not going to have a huge problem there are areas in the valley that are concentrated that have a little bit more of the scorpion population there's kind of a scorpion belt that runs down through the valley um and it just there happens to be more scorpions in that area it kind of runs through like an area of chandler through tempe and then of course in some of the desert areas you're gonna have more as well golf courses tend to attract them as well um so just something to keep in mind uh but i honestly i've never been stung by a scorpion i've lived here my entire life i've even had them in my home i've lived on mountains i currently live on a mountain lived in the desert um so you can also have your home sealed and that's where a company comes out and they just seal all the little cracks and and crevices that uh scorpio might be able to get in and i know that that does help as well so sealing the home keeping the food source down uh you should be able to keep keep a handle on scorpions all right so the seventh negative that you need to know is that there is no real solar buyback here in arizona so a lot of people will ask me hey is it like california where you know the the utility company will buy back your your banked uh solar no unfortunately it's not like that here uh there's it just kind of depends on who you talk to but as far as the benefits of solar here in the valley but there is no um real buy back benefit um credit if you will for having the solar and a lot of people have them either leased or fully purchased and in resale when you're selling your home it's definitely better if it's fully paid off because then when you're selling your home the new buyer doesn't have to finance that portion of the solar that's left if they do have to finance it they have to qualify with that with that in their payment and their mortgage and their payment so it can oftentimes eat up some of their qualifying abilities so definitely something to think about if you're thinking about getting solar all right well there you have it that is my top seven negatives of living in Phoenix and if i can help you in any way with your relocation that's what i do i help people every day that look to move to or within the Phoenix and surrounding areas so please feel free to text me or call me because it is the best way to reach me take care and have an awesome day

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