Dated: February 4 2022

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Previewing lots for luxury home builders.

One highlight from 2021 (Q1) was to assist my clients from the northwest evaluate 20 lots in 5 developments throughout the north and east valleys in Maricopa County.

Through their keen eyes of experience and a local expert on land development, design, and construction, my clients selected a lot in Eagles Nest (Fountain Hills) facing east toward the Mazatal Mountains.

This mountain range is affectionately referred to as Four Peaks or We-Ko-Pa and located in the Tonto National Forest. The Yavapai spelling and pronunciation is Wi:khoba. Yavapai is an Upland Yuman language. (Credit: Wikipedia.)

We-Ko-Pa is also the name of a golf club located north of Fountain Hills and Shea Boulevard and west of Highway 89 (Beeline Highway). We-Ko-Pa offers tremendous challenges and views from two of Arizona's top-rated golf courses; Cholla and Saguaro, and an outstanding 19th hole!

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Alden Ulrich

Alden is a licensed real estate agent with eXp Realty, and the Rugolo Team based in McCormick Ranch. Alden serves the luxury communities of Arcadia, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Alden has....

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